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System Mechanic with Bonus AV/Android App - PC


Revolutionary new Program Acceleratoridentity supercharges program performance All new patent-pending calibration technology speeds up program performance by intelligently realigning programs with their dependent files. ActiveCare keeps PCs running like new automatically Set-and-forget patent-pending ActiveCare technology proactively optimize PCs using only idle system resources. Multiple new automated repair tasks enable System Mechanic to monitor and automatically fix even more problems than before. AcceleWriteidentity real-time technology speeds PCs by optimizing critical file storage activity. It increases performance on both solid state drives (SSD) and traditional hard disk drives (HDD) . As a result, writing and reading files is much faster and hard drives last longer. CRUDD Removeridentity eliminates root cause of system drag Helps unclog system performance by finding unused, unnecessary, and redundant programs that are slowing down and destabilizing your PC. "Crowdsourcing" technology harnesses the actions of many experts to disable or uninstall only the right programs. Internet Connection Repairidentity puts you back in the virtual fast lane Repairs slow and unreliable connections using a battery of proprietary technology to diagnose problems and perform op

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