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Summit Microwave/Fridge - White


The Summit Microwave/Refrigerator Combination MRF66 is a convenient UL Approved solution to the problem of tight spaces in dorms, break rooms, and small apartments. The bottom portion is a deluxe undercounter refrigerator with a true-0 freezer that keeps even ice cream frozen solid. There are separate evaporators for the freezer and fresh food compartments to maximize cooling power, and the MRF66 features a reversible door, an interior light, over 5 cubic feet of capacity, a fruit and vegatable crisper, door storage and adjustable shelves.Solidly attached to the top is a mid-sized microwave oven with all the convenient features you would expect. Plus, the Summit Microwave/Refrigerator Combination MRF66 has a power allocator that always keeps the total amperage under 10 Amps, so you can even use it in older dorms and buildings! Another great feature of the MRF66 is the fact that it ships in one box - don't worry about lost shipments or missing parts! The Summit Microwave/Refrigerator Combination MRF66 brings versatility and power together in a compact unit for a perfect space-saving all-in-one appliance.

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