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Eclipse Custom Bathroom Pedestal Vanity - Bistro Green Vetrazzo


A testament to American ingenuity and ambition, Vetrazzo catapults counter material technology into the 21st century! Developed in 1996 by a Berkeley glass scientist, Vetrazzo is composed almost entirely (85%) of recycled glass, with the remainder composed of cement, additives and pigments. Starting literally in a garage producing hand-made batches for the local building community, the company has grown exponentially to source materials from and produce counters for customers all over the world. Most of the glass comes from curbside recycling programs while the remainder comes from windows, dinnerware, stemware, windshields, stained glass, laboratory glass, reclaimed glass from building demolition, traffic lights and other unusual sources. Vetrazzo takes its commitment to sustainability seriously! Not only is their new manufacturing facility a recycled Ford auto plant, but the very first panel produced there was shipped to environmental activist Ed Begley, Jr. Due to its high recycled content, using Vetrazzo can help your project qualify for LEED certification*, and can also be recycled itself into brand new product! Bistro Green Vettrazo is made with glass from the recycling bin. Those bottles and jars that held all your culinary necessities are sent to be processed and put back into use. The glass in this mix is from your kitchen... your soda bottles, olive oil containers, pickle jars, wine and water bottles could have been waste. Instead here they are, made into something beautiful. Available in 25 more colors, please contact us to order! Faucet not included, but many styles are available. *Using Vetrazzo can contribute to getting points in the following areas: Recycled Content Credit MR Credit: 4.1 or 4.2 (1 to 2 points) Regional Materials MR Credit: 5.1 and/or 5.2 (1 to 2 points) (within 500 miles of Richmond, CA) How to handle your counter Please note that all custom natural stone counters are proudly manufactured in the USA specifically for your order, and so require at least 4 weeks manufacturing time.

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