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Blueseventy Helix Full Wetsuit - Men's


If the neoprene it's made from were its DNA, then the pedigree of Blueseventy's Helix Full Wetsuit is gifted at a molecular level. Its double-helix building block is Yamamoto C40 neoprene, the most flexible in the business. It's also coated with SCS, which is a hydrodynamic, silicone sheathe that provides an added level of buoyancy while decreasing friction. This converts less exertion on your part into more speed. If the material is the Helix's DNA, than its heart is Blueseventy's Helix Full Wetsuit is its buoyancy ratio of 5-5-4, which varies the suit's thickness from 5mm in the chest and lower abdomen to 4mm at the lower legs. This maximizes buoyancy by keeping your hips high for a downhill swimming position. At the lower legs, where articulation is less frequent, you'll find that Blueseventy incorporated a 4mm neoprene with a 2mm insert that flairs toward the ankle for more stretch and the fastest possible removal in T1. All that buoyancy amounts to nothing if your flexibility is inhibited by unforgiving neoprene, so the Helix incorporates an improved version of Blueseventy's venerable Torsional Stretch Technology (TST) . In a TST fullsuit, the chest and back panels allow the arm and shoulder to disconnect from the suit, freeing the deltoids for an uninhibited stroke. Blueseventy places 3mm Body Fit panels throughout for a stretch that makes the suit easy to put on and snug once it's there, and the VO2 chest split construction allows the suit to flex with your lungs' expansion during hard efforts, so the snug fit doesn't come at the cost of limited lung capacity. Your arms enjoy similarly unencumbered movement, with the underarm gussets of 1mm neoprene extending to the wrists for unrivaled flexibility and freedom of movement. They terminate in a silicone cuff for a perfect seal against flushing. The forearms have inserts of Honeycomb Aqua Feel catch panels, which help dial-in your technique for a more efficient stroke that also helps prevent injuries d...

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