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24 Single Faucet C-Series Beer Dispenser Stainless Steel Door Left Hinge


The elegance and quality of the Perlick 24 Single Faucet C-Series Beer Dispenser (HC24TB-3-1L1) is immediately apparent. Made in the USA, the dispenser features a high-quality commercial-grade stainless steel interior and stylish black vinyl-clad exterior. Additionally, the model features a stainless steel door. Inside, the dispenser keeps kegs perfectly chilled with a front-vented RAPIDcool forced-air refrigeration system, which keeps your brewery-fresh beer between 33 and 42 degrees Fahrenheit with the help of a commercial grade electromechanical temperature controller. Thanks to air-cooled dispensing towers that keep the beer lines cold, any beer that pours forth from the 630SS stainless steel faucets will be the perfect temperature every time. The dispenser comes standard with a low profile D system keg coupler, though may be fitted with different couplers depending on the type of beer. The dispenser also features a zero-clearance hinge that allows it to fit in completely flush with any counters around it. A digital control module ensures that the dispenser is easy to set to the perfect temperature for a variety of beers. Though the dispenser features a compact form-factor, it still offers enough space for one 1/4 barrel or two 1/6 barrels. Each time you open your faucet, your glass will fill with crisp, refreshing beer, air-cooled to a perfect chill between keg and glass, and a portable drainer will catch any accidental overflow without the need for extra plumbing. Made in the USA:Domestic, high-quality design and material Commercial grade:Made from the highest quality of stainless steel RAPIDcool:Front-vented, forced-air refrigeration ensures the perfect brew temperature Digital control:A digital control module makes it easier than ever to adjust internal temperatures *Please note: Due to the interior dimensions of this unit a full-size keg will NOT fit into this unit.

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